About Fiessler Electronik

Out of the shadows, into the light

Faster speeds, more productivity, ever increasing precision: modern industrial machinery is beating all records when it comes to efficiency. However impressive this performance may be, it does bring with it a considerable risk to machine operators – which can cast something of a shadow. At Fiessler Elektronik, we have the antidote: Light. As an international technology leader in the field of light barriers and one of the world’s premier suppliers of press brake safety systems, we design and produce individual personal protection systems.


Our company history, stretching back over almost 60 years, is testimony to our extensive experience and our solid responsible attitude to what we do. Our impressive collection of patents and ground-breaking safety solutions says everything about our innovative drive and our role as a pacemaker to the industry. Over 20 Fiessler representations spread over all five continents speak volumes about the lively demand for our products and services. How indispensable are our optosensor systems? Just ask any one of the many discerning customers who benefit from maximum safety coupled with maximum productivity – thanks to Fiessler technology.

Always ahead of its time

In 1956, Dipl. Ing. H.W. Fiessler founded the company Fiessler Elektronik, with the aim of manufacturing optoelectronic devices. Customer-specific problem solutions have formed the focus of the company’s business ever since.

Work started on the development and production of safety light barriers over 60 years ago. Since those early days, thousands of Fiessler Elektronik light barriers have been successfully installed and used in industrial applications. Today, Fiessler Elektronik is a world leader in the field of light barrier technology.

The company Fiessler Elektronik is now in its second generation of family management. A highly qualified team of employees and an impressive vertical depth of production form the basis for innovative products in the field of safety engineering and customer-specific optosensor technology. A quality assurance system certified to ISO 9001 guarantees customers a consistently high standard of quality across all Fiessler Elektronik products and services.

In safe hands

Wherever industrial production goes on, wherever people work alongside machines, the safety technology in place must be totally dependable. Because it is working to protect not only employees but employers too, who have a legal as well as a moral obligation to provide a safe working environment in line with valid directives. Which makes the development and production of safety solutions a highly responsible job – one that Fiessler Elektronik has mastered with the utmost reliability. Our quality assurance system is certified to ISO 9001 and guarantees a consistently high standard of quality across all our services and products – which all comply with international safety directives without exception. We are also a long-standing member of national and international standardization committees.

The way we treat the environment is another indicator of our well-developed sense of responsibility: Fiessler invests in new energy sources and covers the majority of its energy requirement using the company’s own photovoltaic system.

Patents and pioneering achievements

Technological progress is moving forward at headlong speed. Machines and plants are undergoing continuous further development – and effective safety technology has to keep pace. Fiessler Elektronik has mastered the art of doing just that. As a modern, innovative company, our headquarters in Aichwald in Southwest Germany operates its own efficient research and development department. Here, we recognize new trends early on, come up with new ideas and new impetus and turn these into marketable safety solutions and bespoke systems for individual customers. This outstanding technical problem-solving expertise has gained us far more than just the Baden-Württemberg Innovation Award: It is what makes Fiessler Elektronik a pioneer. And the holder of countless patents in the field of EMC technology, safety light curtains, ABKAS® press brake safety systems and FPSC safety controllers.

One factor you can depend on

Neither too small nor too large: Fiessler Elektronik has the size it needs to assert itself as a global player, but still retain the flexibility to respond to the individual needs of every customer. A precise risk analysis – either on site or using a machine photo – is usually the starting point. On the basis of our in-depth application advice based on individual customer needs, we go on to design and produce a specifically tailored, technically independent system solution which requires no additional switchgear. Our impressive vertical depth of production and the ideal size of our company mean that we can respond rapidly to customer enquiries.

The comprehensive Fiessler product portfolio also includes high-grade safety components, safety software programmed to fit the bill by our specialists, professional commissioning, safety tests in compliance with all the relevant standards and a 24-hour hotline allowing customers to reach us from around the world.