About HAUBER-Elektronik GmbH

Early detection of machine damages through vibration measuring

  • A dynamic company based in Nürtingen, Germany
  • Development and production of vibration measurement
  • Specialised in ATEX and safety products
  • High-quality products



  • 1966 Foundation
  • 1972 First vibration monitoring device
  • 2006 ATEX and SIL 2 certifications
  • 2017 Introduction of the series HE100

Vibration Monitoring 


  • Machine condition monitoring with the aid of vibrations
    • Damage detection at very early stage
  • Machine errors such as imbalances, misalignments, bearing damages etc. affect the vibration speed of the entire machine .
  • In line with Standards (DIN ISO 10816), a damage can be detected at a very early stage


  • Damaged parts are replaced only when needed.
  • Costly periodic maintenance is no longer needed!
  • Any damages arising are detected in their early stages.
  • Prevention of plant downtime
  • Overall increase in the machine´s service life.
  • The machine is not operated with damaged components

In the past:

discontinuous monitoring (offline) by the maintenance engineer →Human factor!


Continuous monitoring (online) through sensors → Evaluation according to standard guidelines.

In The Past




Condition monitoring Personal protection SIL/PL certification


e.g. cement industry Process safety Product quality Plant availability


Condition monitoring Protection against imbalances or misalignment The service life of the components is used to its full potential.


Condition monitoring through vibration measuring Early detection of wear


e.g. oil and gas industry Condition monitoring of primary plant elements

Vibrating troughs

Focus on material handling. Monitoring of excessively high and excessively low vibrations


Susceptible to environmental influences such as wind. HE103 with higher averaging time is ideal in this scenario

SIL 2 certification

  • SIL: Safety Integrity Level
  • Functional safety in accordance with the international standardisation pursuant to IEC 61508/IEC 61511
  • Its purpose is to evaluate the reliability and functional safety of electrical systems
  • Each level requires a design principle in order to reduce the risk of malfunction
  • Background:
    • Certain machines (e.g. centrifuges) might endanger human lives in case of damage!
  • HAUBER Elektronik is one of the first German manufactures with SIL 2 certified vibration monitoring units