About Senix

Senix Corporation is a high-tech engineering, manufacturing, and sales company nestled in the town of Hinesburg in the scenic foothills of the Green Mountains of Vermont. Since 1990, Senix has been the example of sensor ingenuity, continually improving our ultrasonic level and distance sensor products and serving a gradually increasing number of customers around the world.

Senix designs, manufactures, sells and supports a wide range of perhaps the most versatile, flexible and rugged ultrasonic distance and level sensors available today. Ultrasonic sensors are used to measure distance to a remote object through the air without touching it. Our sensors are used in a broad array of industrial and scientific applications, including machine and motion controls, web controls (material loop and roll diameter), liquid level measurement, water measurement and control such as in farming and agriculture applications, person/object proximity sensing – virtually anyplace where non-intrusive measurement and feedback are desired.  Senix also is able to provide our AirWire Lora wireless transmitters to allow for wireless monitoring in remote locations, and offer a Cloud-based software solution to monitor level or distance measurements remotely.


Senix sells to both end-users, resellers, and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in many industries.  Senix will also offer customer sensor designs to meet special packaging or design requirements,  and also configure our flexible and versatile ToughSonic sensors into packaged systems for object detection, remote monitoring and mounting locations, or for a wide array of system needs.

Senix ToughSonic® CHEM 10 Level Sensor

Liquids or Solids in Chemically Aggressive Environments

CHEM series sensors and SenixVIEW software put the power of ultrasonics in your hands. You can quickly adjust, optimize, save and clone your applications quickly without calibration! These sensors are housed in a rugged, chemically inert PVDF sealed housing for long life. They mount above the material surface and measure distance downward without contact. Outputs respond to that measured distance. Applications include pump control, bulk inventory, batch processing, water management and high/low level alarms.


Level Measurements:
  • Long or short measurements
  • Unaffected by optical factors
    like color and transparency
  • Computer (PC) software allows
    remote adjustment


Packaging & Performance:
  •  Durable housing for long life
  • Bottom and top thread mounts
  •  Short & overload protected I/O
  • Adjustable filters compensate
    for tank mixers or turbulence
  • Temperature compensation for
    improved accuracy
  • Adjustable sensitivity
Free Functionality:

Use adjustable interface features like switch hysteresis and time delays to build complete solutions such as pump controls to maintain level. Save cost by eliminating PLCs, delay circuits and time delay relays!

PC Setup Power!

Use SenixVIEW software (see separate data sheet) to adjust all sensor features. You can view,
analyze or log data to optimize your application. Disconnect and the sensor retains the setup.

Copy without Calibration:

Application setups can be saved for future recall. From a single sensor inventory part you can
quickly clone sensors, without recalibration, for any number of different field installations.

Multiple Outputs

In addition to the model’s serial data interface there are five simultaneous outputs, fully configurable with SenixVIEW.

Analog Outputs (3):

These include voltage (0-10 VDC) and two current loops (4-20 mA sinking and sourcing). Both output types have user-selectable voltage/current ranges and endpoints for best resolution. Easily invert the analog output slope.

Switches (2) :

Two switches are SenixVIEW configurable as “PNP” or “NPN” type (sourcing or sinking). Each has adjustable set point, hysteresis, window, initial conditions, ON delay, OFF delay and loss of target response to easily create controls and alarms!

SenixVIEW™ Setup Software

Configures, Tests and Clones all ToughSonic® Sensors

C apture the power designed into all Senix ToughSonic distance and level sensors! With SenixVIEW you gain complete control at the bench or in the field. Work safely remote from equipment to adjust, verify and duplicate setups.

Setups can use metric or English units. One sensor or a network group of sensors can be updated with one click.

Using SenixVIEW, ToughSonic sensor flexibility allows one model to be applied in many applications. Enjoy lower life cycle cost, less inventory, fast setup and rapid maintenance!

Easy to Use

To the familiar Windows® menus and icons we add…

Real-Time Graphics include target data & symbols, meters, switch states, charts, graphs, statistics & logs all in real-time. Click a parameter to revise it, then send it to the sensor!

Help Tips :

Tips have user selected delay timing, or can be turned off.

Powerful Setup

Adjust sensors quickly to get your application just right…

Adjust over 60 functionally organized parameters. Calibrate and set measure rate, operating range, filters, timeouts and responses to unusual measurement conditions.

Multi-Sensor features can manage a sensor network by address. Adjust one sensor, a batch of sensors, or an entire network using Group Control.


Evaluate performance using these extended features…

Statistics displays the min, max, average, standard deviation and max deviation, continuously or over a selected number of samples.

Logging stores time- stamped measurements to a disk file at an adjustable rate while showing a real-time strip chart. Files can be replayed on the strip chart or exported to Excel.


Click to view the following in repositionable windows…

Large Display shows outputs in big characters so you can view PC screen measurements from afar while working on equipment. Resize to your preference, then view the screen from up to 100 feet away. 

Strip Chart shows a running measurement history graph of distance vs. time in a one-shot or continuous mode. Time and distance scales are manually or automatically adjusted. Adjust sensor filters and check the results in real-time—both filtered and unfiltered data are shown simultaneously.


Store & Recall

Finished? Click once more in case you need it in the future…

Save a sensor setup to the PC disc file. Need another  identical sensor? Connect it, recall the file, then copy the setup to the sensor for an exact copy in 3 seconds—no calibration needed! Configurations can be also be exchanged by email.

OEM and MRO maintenance operations find quick duplication particularly useful to reduce setup and down time

Senix can also ship pre- configured sensors with your custom setup. Contact Senix for details.

Configuration Kits


  • Includes all hardware components needed for
    powering, connecting to, and configuring RS-232
    sensors by a Windows® PC via a USB port.
  • • For all ToughSonic RS-232-configurable sensors.
  • Software and drivers included.



  • Includes all hardware components needed for
    powering, connecting to, and configuring RS-485
    sensors by a Windows® PC via a USB port.
  • For all ToughSonic RS-485-configurable sensors.
  • Software and drivers included.