Float Type

Float Type

Float Ball Type level switching for all liquid applications incorporating a switch differential by use of a counter weight Adjustable along the cable. The Float is manufactured with Non-toxic materials and Mercury free operated Microswitch.

The Float Level can be used in fresh water.

The two wire level Transmitters have a 316 s/s magnetic float moving along the 316 s/s protection tube that is submersed in the Liquid. The magnetic float tracks the level, magnetically activating an array of cascading reed switches.

The Reed switches act as the wiper of a potentiometer made up by a chain of resistors. The electronics in the probe housing converts the voltage supplied via the potentiometer into a 4 -20ma signal.

The float type switch probe can also be manufactured as a single switch or multiple point switch level probe.

The float level transmitter and switch units are fixed by its process connection, typically 1 1/4”Bsp fitting.

The Float Level Transmitter can also be incorporated with a digital display for local continuous reading