Safety Floor Mats

Safety Floor Mats

Fiessler Safety Pressure Mats and Switch gear correspond to the following safety regulations:

IEC 61508, ISO 13849-1, EN 954-1

Safety Contact Mats are used for safeguarding areas of danger on machines and plants with the aim of preventing unchecked access. The switching mat can be individually adapted to the area which has to be secured. With the help of the closed-circuit-principle a constant monitoring of the safety contact edge is insured.

The STM safety contact-making mat is fitted with two two-core connecting cables and offers the possibility of connecting several mats in series up to a maximum total area of 10 m2. One end of the cable is connected to the evaluation electronics and the terminal resistance is connected to the other end (prepared accordingly at the factory). The electronics now monitor the entire conductor route, including the mats, through to the terminal resistance. The contact-making surfaces make contact in the event of external forces acting on the mat and the resistance is bridged. This immediately causes a signal within the electronics that is then given as a potential-free output for contact-making by the relay. The entire switching arrangement is monitored at the same time for cable rupture or manipulation.