Safety Laser Scanners

Safety Laser Scanners

The Proximity Laser Scanner FLSC is a scanning distance sensor. With it, persons and objects can be recognized inside a defined protection field.

A pencilled LASER beam is deflected by a rotating mirror. With it, a circular area with an aperture angle of 190° and a radius of approx. 49 m is scanned.

The semicircular area is divided in two recognition areas: Personal protective recognition area: Radius <=4m or <= 7 m Object recognition area: Radius <=49 m

In every recognition area a protective field can be fixed. The form of the protective field is independently eligible resp. programmable: The delivered with communication software enables to fix the form of the respective protective field with a PC on your own.

The coordinates of the protective fields are saved in the Proximity Laser Scanner FLSC. The Proximity Laser Scanner FLSC compares the measured data with the saved protective fields, and recognizes, if an object is in a protective field. If the emitting beam meets an object inside the working field (person or thing ), he will be reflected. A part of the reflected diffuse radiation is collected by the receiving part of the Proximity Laser Scanner FLSC.