String-pot Linear Rotary Encoders Australia

String-pot Linear Rotary Encoders Australia

Draw-wire or String-pot encoders with absolute rotary encoders or incremental rotary encoders.

Wire-actuated encoders (string-pot encoders) are particularly used in the warehousing and logistics sector. However, they are also used in stage technology and in many other sectors.

In the field of absolute rotary encoders, for example, the range extends from miniature wire-actuated encoders with wear-free multi-turn rotary encoder and 22 mm plastic housing through to particularly durable wire-actuated encoders with 65 mm aluminium housing. Wire-actuated encoders with incremental encoder are available in housing sizes of 80 mm to 190 mm and measuring lengths of 1 m to 50 m.

All draw-wire encoders from TR-Electronic have an extremely stable spring return, a measuring drum with precise, single-layer unwinding mechanism and a backlash-free coupling between rotary encoder and cable unit.

Linear Encoders Australia

Analog outputs or different Fieldbus protocols are available.