About Sensor Technology

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creating its own unique technologies for the instrumentation, test and OEM markets worldwide and supported by a global network of distributors.

The Industrial Division manufactures the TorqSense and LoadSense ranges of rotary torque and wireless load transducers, offering accurate, affordable, market leading products across the whole range of industrial applications.

Sensor Technology Products And Services:

  • The Avionics Division manufactures the HeliNav LoadMaster and HeliNav TrackMaster sensors and systems to provide accurate measurement of underslung loads and precision guidance/positioning systems for the helicopter industry.

  • TorqSense Digital torque transducers offer cost effective, non-contact digital rotary torque measurement, suitable for torque monitoring, testing or controlling drive mechanisms.

    TorqSense transducers and their technology are particularly appropriate for OEM applications.

  • The RWT series, which had been in production since 2001 has been replaced by the  RSG 510/520 series which feature integral digital strain gauge processing with low power consumption of 3 watts, higher frequency response, accuracy of 0.1%,  resolution of 0.02%, increased transducer over range measurement up to 300% of FSD, and full bridge compensation to eliminate bending moments.

    The RSG530/540 series, with a smaller sensor head and separate electronics module has a similar specification.

  • The ORT 230/240 low capacity torque sensor offers an ideal means for precise dynamic measurement of rotary and static torque less than 100Nm and for bandwidths of up to 50Khz.The new ORT 230/240 torque sensors replace the E200 ORT series and feature all new electronics that have produced significant performance gains in resolution, frequency response, reduced sensor current consumption and faster digital data throughput. 

  • The latest version of TorqView software has been written in NI LabVIEW, to provide a very simple yet user-friendly measurement analysis and data presentation interface. However, single VI’s are available for users with LabVIEW.
  • The wireless LoadSense load sensor is a strain gauge based stainless steel tension type sensor with the capability of wirelessly transmitting its data to one of our compatible readouts and displays or recording its data locally. Its inbuilt 32MB memory can hold up to 149 hours of data, which can then be downloaded to a PC via its USB cable. The Load Sensor transmits using the worldwide licence free frequency of 2.4GHz on two built in antennas.

  • The new development allows weighing processes to be fully integrated with handling operations. All live data is captured in real time and can be transferred to a database, stored, totalised and analysed. The load sensor can be integrated with a crane hook, fork lift or other handling device.
  • The LoadSense load sensors – sizes from 1 Tonne to 25 Tonnes, can be used with our Handheld Receiver Display or Cabin Receiver Display which can read several devices at the same time, and/or our stand alone Receiver Interface which is used to output the data via RS232/RS422 to a PC.
  • LoadView Virtual Instrumentation Display Software is available to provide the user with a very cost-effective solution to measuring, recording and displaying data from one or more load sensors.
  • The WSG series of wireless strain gauge transmitters offer the ability to convert any strain gauge-based sensor into a wireless one. Using the same 2.4GHz technology as the LoadSense series, data can be transmitted over 100m to one of our readouts/interfaces. Modules include DIN rail type, and can also come with various battery options.
  • HeliNav LoadMaster is an intelligent wireless helicopter load sensor with inclinometer and accelerometer capabilities so that it can be used with large underslung loads. It is available in a range of sizes from 1 tonne to 10 tonnes. The HeliNav LoadMaster sensor is completely autonomous and can also interface to its own receiver/display mountable in the cockpit. This makes it independent of the host helicopter’s systems, while being wireless means it does not require additional certification of the electrical systems. It also means it can be swapped from one craft to another in seconds, allowing HeliNav-LoadMaster to be shared around a fleet of aircraft. A handheld receiver/display, able to interrogate several different LoadMaster sensors, is also available for ground crew use.
  • The new HeliNav TrackMaster gives pilots an easy to use and accurate system for line guidance. It also automatically records all data for post-flight downloading so that detailed analysis of the flight and operational performance can be completed for accurate billing, maintenance scheduling etc.
  • The software comes pre-installed on a 7” rugged tablet computer, and integrates into existing GPS and spray control set-ups for immediate use. The computer is sunlight readable, and conforms to MIL-STD-810F and IP67 standards. 

    The HeliNav LoadMaster and TrackMaster systems can be used in combination, giving helicopter operators complete weight and distance information for post flight analysis and billing.