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We provide: measurement and control systems for automation technology

TR-Electronic: complex industrial processes firmly under control

When industrial processes run smoothly and reliably, there are chances that this is partly due to measurement and control solutions from TR-Electronic. When a theater curtain goes up, for example, systems of TR monitor the complex stage technology. People and machines work safely together and the audience enjoys a perfect production. Wind energy plants generate energy with maximum efficiency thanks to optimally aligned rotor blades - controlled by TR solutions. In press lines for the automotive industry, TR sensors guarantee safe forming of the body components. In logistics, TR measuring systems enable smooth transport of goods, e.g. in conveying systems and high racks. TR control and measuring modules control and monitor pumps for drinking water supply, regulate correct feeding of pellets in wood-fueled installations or help to detect faults in a punching machine at an early stage.For all of these and other applications TR-Electronic supplies the right rotary encoders, linear encoders and drives – as high-quality standard products or customized solutions.

Rotary encoders, linear encoders, drives and components

Standard products and individual solutions for every requirement

Rotary encoders, linear encoders, drives, components, industrial PCs and other automation solutions from TR-Electronic provide the optimal basis for the safe and cost-efficient automation of industrial processes in countless applications.

In addition to an enormous range of high-quality standard products, we also offer customer-specific rotary encoders for individual requirements. All products and solutions share the following characteristics: maximum precision, easy to install, long service life and highest cost efficiency.

Rotary encoders

Absolute rotary encoders, incremental rotary encoders and wire-actuated encoders

Linear encoders

From linear absolute measuring systems through to laser distance measurement


Intelligent compact drives integrate absolute rotary encoder, motor and control technology


Industrial Automation Technologies


Consulting and implementation of new systems and retrofits


Increased safety for systems and people through SIL3 certification


Safe explosion protection through ATEX-compliant housing


Safe processes under the most demanding conditions

Customized sensor designs

Absolute rotary encoders for specific requirements

Drill breakage monitoring

For turning and milling machines, machining centers and rotary transfer machines